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With a land area of just 343.5 square kilometres, the province of Siquijor is the 3rd smallest province in the Philippines. Yet its small size can be truly deceiving, for there’s a lot of magic and mystery here. The island was formerly known as the “Isla de Fuego” or the Island of Fire during the Spanish era.  Today however, it still evokes an eerie yet magical charm perhaps because of all those stories about witches, love potions and magic spells. If you’re planning to visit Siquijor, here’s a peek at a few of the many wonderful sights and sounds of this magical island.

Go Diving And Snorkelling

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The waters around the island also have their fair share of magic and mystery, as visitors will truly be mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the various dive sites. The province has more than twenty magnificent dive spots where you can spend your Philippine beach holidays. From the famous Tulapu Sanctuary to Tonga Point, Daquit Shoal, West Point, Paliton, Solangon, Lala-O Sunken Island, Salagdoong, Tubod Marine Sanctuary, Tambisan, Candapino Point, and more, you certainly will never be left wanting.

The most popular places to go beach-hopping include Salagdoong Beach, Kagusan Beach, Paliton Beach, Siquijor Beach and San Juan Beach. For the more adventurous, you could perhaps try jumping off a cliff at Salagdoong Beach, where two cemented diving boards are placed at 17 and 20 meters each above sea level.

Relax Underneath A Balite Tree in Lazi

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If your foot (or your whole body) is still aching after spending a whole day snorkeling, scuba diving or riding a motor bike around the island, then try dropping by the enchanted, centuries-old Balite tree in the town of Lazi. The 400-year old tree gives visitors an eerie and mystical feel, because it’s so big, with lots of roots and vines hanging from it.

Underneath the balite tree is a pool, where fresh water flows from a spring, where you can rest your weary feet, and soothe those aching muscles. Nearby residents also get their drinking water from the spring.

Guiwanon Spring Park

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If you’re looking for a place which showcases the best of environmental protection and sustainable development, then visit the Guiwanon Spring Park. Here, visitors can enjoy being in the middle of a lush mangrove sanctuary, as they can walk along wooden bridges. The park also serves as a sanctuary for birds and various marine species.

Take A Dip And Refresh Your Senses At Cambugahay and Lugnason Falls

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For those who’d like to take a dip, and let the cool cascading waters fall on them, head on to Cambugahay and Lugnason Falls. The former is located in the town of Lazi, and the falls spill into a freshwater pool. On the other side of the falls is a large tree with sturdy, low-lying branches where you can swing your way like Tarzan and drop into the water. You could also climb up the waterfall, and jump from there.

For the more fearless, visit the island during Holy Week and feast your senses on lots of mystical stuff. From faith healers to black magic chants and rituals, and lots of herbal potions, Siquijor will surely enthrall you, and leave you speechless.

You can actually see the sights and feel the sounds of Siquijor in just one day. All you need to do is rent a motorbike (if you’re by your lonesome) or you could hire a multi-cab (if you’re with friends or family) and get an expert guide. Don’t forget to include magical Siquijor in your next best beach holiday Philippines destination!