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Philippine Beach Holidays

Philippine Beach Holidays

Dahican Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Mati. With its 17-kilometer pure, fine white sand shore, it has recently become a prime destination for surfers and skim boarders from across the globe.

Mati’s most priced gem is the Dahican Beach. Many surfers flock this beach because it has been known for its good waves. Indeed, this Philippine Beach Holidays is one of the prime beaches when it comes to surfing.

From the town centre, a tricycle or a habal-habal ride can take you to Dahican Beach. It will cost you around 40 pesos each and travel time is roughly 20 minutes.

Botona Dahican and Tropical Kanakbai Home Resort are few of the many beach resorts in the Dahican Beach. These beach resorts are affordable and offer quality service and beautiful scenery that will ultimately leave mo breathless the whole time.

The long white sand beach of Dahican is good for a relaxing walk. Tourists can then rent surfing boards or skim boards if they want to feel the bashing of the waves on their bodies. More so, surfing lessons are also available for enthusiasts and experts alike.

Most resorts offer excellent surfing lessons. Friendly and skilled instructors can give you a memorable and fun surfing experience that is nothing but par excellence. Even beginners will learn to ‘stand’ on their own. Yes, this is true.

Did you know that, for quite some time, Dahican used to be a secret paradise of the locals? It gained popularity because of the sea waves and currents that are eye catching for surfing and skim boarding enthusiasts. Thus, more and more people frequent the place to experience its hidden magnificence.

It is now the region’s skim boarding capital. Thousands of skim boarders and surfers are now invading the Dahican beach. In fact, skim boarding competitions are held at Dahican Beach annually that lures in tourists from all around the world. The competition is flocked in hopes of banging the title at the end.

Hence, if you are a nature lover or a beach bum who’s just itching for a swim, skim, surf, scuba dive or simplistic grandeur of Mother Nature, then the Dahican Beach is the perfect beach for you.

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Isla Reta Beach Resort

Philippine Beach Holidays

Located in Talikud Island, Isla Reta is another hidden treasure of the South. Talikud means “back” in Cebuano. Hence, Talikud is found at the back of Samal Island.

Isla Reta Beach Resort is famous with both locals and foreigners. It is where families spend their birthday or special celebrations complete with the backdrop of the city nightline that forms a spectacular diamond display for all to see and love.

In addition, it is where group of individuals spend their vacant days to unwind and be close to Mother Nature in Philippine Beach Holidays.

Isla Reta is not as crowded as the rest. This resort is elegantly simple and has a breathtaking view of the vast and beautiful ocean that encourages those who opt for a more relaxing and quiet days to travel and see the view for themselves.

The white soft sand and soothing environment is perfect for people who are soul searching. Finding peace and serenity can be easily found in Isla Reta.

Guests can calmly stroll the rocky portion of the island and think. Here, the wind is your companion!

Better bring your snorkeling gear because young corals and several fascinating marine life are present here.

Dive and experience a colorful array of nature right before your eyes! Amazing, isn’t it?

The seashore of Isla Reta beach resort is a powerful bait for people who love to sun bathe. It is also where people can witness a stunning sunrise.

Here, there are few small huts and cottages that provides shade for visitors. Food is available in their in house canteen; you can also ask them to cook your food hot off the grill.

The adventurous guests can sleep inside rentable tents to remedy the cold night. Guests can actually make a bonfire with the permission of the management.

Hence, with its powdery white sand and crystal clear water , without a doubt, Isla Reta beach resort is one of the prime Beaches in samal.


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