It's More Fun In The Philippines!

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Obviously, Philippines is one of the most renowned nations when it comes to ideal destinations such as islands, exotic landscapes, mysterious forest, and world-class beaches. With this, it is totally safe to assume that this country holds the golden emblem of pleasure and satisfaction!

If you’re one of the countless individuals who are dreaming to experience a one of a kind adventure, then it’s time to turn it into reality! But forget other interesting spots first and let your thoughts navigate to the famous Philippine holiday beaches.

1. Boracay

Boracay - Philippine Beach Holiday
One of the most famous among Philippine beaches/islands, this is an enchanting paradise that holds exceptional white sand shorelines. It is even considered as one of the world’s finest islands – ranked as 8th place!

Once you visit this white sandy beach, prepare yourself for some glittering white sand. It’s natural! The sand somehow scintillates as the sun rays strike it. It’s totally astounding, unexplainable, and a mystifying phenomenon that even science couldn’t capture.

Another thing, if you’re a kind of person who prefers partying and bar hopping amidst the complex nightlife, well, this is the best spot to go! Also, you could choose among those world class hotels and a wide array of restaurants.

2. Puerto Galera

Philippine Beach Holiday at Puerto Galera Beach
A great place for some ultimate relaxation! This is an interesting place to discover since this destination is perfectly designed for both adventure and relaxation. There’s a relaxing ambiance for those who want to unwind. Then, the other side is for fun!

There are various things to experience once you arrive in Puerto Galera. Diving, sailing, and snorkeling are some of these. Plus, don’t ever forget to experience scuba diving here. Puerto Galera’s amazing coral reefs is one of the world’s treasures!

3. El Nido

El Nido Palawan - one of the Philippines Beach Holidays Destinations

Known as “The island of the gods.” This wonderland is full-packed with marble cliffs and breathtaking landscapes – an indication that it’s the best destination for people who really love outdoor adventures.

El Nido boasts its domain with its enchanting caves, diving sites, fascinating surrounding islands, and exciting water exercises. Aside from that, the place is also home to various tropical birds. You must see them!

4. Siargao Island

Siargao Best Beach Holiday Destinations
This island has definitely proven itself as the surfing capital in the Philippines. If you’re curious why, then take a look in the world’s list of the best surfing spots in the world. You’ll see that Siargao has been swarming with numerous personalities from different corners of the globe!

There’s more! Did you know that Siargao is not only for surfing? Perhaps, you don’t have any idea that this island is also covered with mangrove trees. In fact, this island is believed to have the largest mangrove forest in southern Philippines.

5. Samal Island

Best Philippines Beach Holidays at Pearl Farm Davao City

Don’t miss Pearl farm! It’s one of the island’s best beach destinations and is very known for its dazzling features and world-class facilities. Any traveler who ever went to southern Philippines never missed to witness this paradise.

Are you ready to visit these 5 Philippine beaches? So, start planning activities, the things to do, and what place to start. Lastly, prepare your budget! Good luck!

philippines beach holidays

Batangas is considered to be one of the beach capitals in the Philippines. Situated in Southern Luzon, this destination has always been famous for having the best sandy beaches and pristine waters. Budget isn’t even a problem because they offer a wide range of affordable to high-end resorts.

With its picture-perfect and serene setting, Batangas is one best holiday beaches that will give you a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Moreover, this destination is highly accessible since it’s only a two-hour, at least, drive from Metro Manila.

Excited to plan your next outing? Here is a list of beaches that you can visit:

1. Anilao Beach
Located in Mabini, Batangas, Anilao is also a famous beach in this southern Philippine province. Anilao is popular for its clear, blue waters and white, sandy shores. In addition, this too has some of the best diving sites.

Some resorts to check:
•    Aguila Beach Resort
•    Dive7000 Resort (Diving)
•    Anilao Outrigger Resort
•    Punto Miguel White Beach
•    Vistamar Beach Resort and Hotel

2. Laiya Beach
Laiya Beach is found in the quiet town of San Juan Batangas. It’s no surprise that their grayish white sand and pristine blue waters are the top reasons why tourists love to visit them.

Some of the resorts you can visit are:
•    Acuatico Beach Resort
•    Acuaverde Resort
•    Balai sa Laiya

If this is a family beach vacation, you might want to check these destinations:
•    Blue Coral Beach Resort
•    Hugom Beach
•    Laiya Coco Grove
•    Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resorts

3. Matabungkay Beach in Lian
Matabungkay beach is very accessible from Metro Manila, which is why most people choose this as their weekend or day trip getaway. Visitors love going back to this place because of its white sand and crystal clear waters. Since Matabungkay is a 5 kilometer stretch, there are definitely a thousand things to do.

The resorts you can visit will include:
•    The Coral Beach Club
•    Al Fresco
•    Fred Beach Resort
•    Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel

4. Calatagan Beach
The Calatagan peninsula is considered a home to the near-white sandy beach resorts, making it a favorite escape for the rich and famous. Because of that, this little piece of heaven was categorized as ‘Forbes Park of the South. In fact, a number of wealthy families are lucky to own their very own estate at Calatagan’s beach front.

Since Calatagan is surrounded with rocky shorelines, most resorts in this area offer pool recreational facilities. But for the beach lovers, there’s nothing to worry because some of them have fabulous beach lines and snorkeling and diving activities.

The popular resorts in Calatagan area that you can visit are:
•    Lago de Oro
•    Blue Waters Beach House
•    Golden Sunset Village & Spa
•    Punta Baluarte
•    Hidden Virgin Beach
•    Pantalan Beach Resort

5. Bauan Beach
Bauan, Batangas has a long stretch of rocky beach line, making it ideal for diving. Even though their beach is filled with coral formations, visitors can still find tons of activities during their weekend getaway. But of course, divers and snorkelers will definitely enjoy every moment of their stay in this tourist destination.

You can find accommodations in these resorts:
•    Rosemund Resort
•    Rosana Beach Resort
•    Portulano Dive Resort

Prepare your swimsuits, best snorkeling gear, sun tan lotion and other swimming equipment for another unforgettable experience. You and your family can bask under the sun, go diving or even engage in aqua sports. Indeed, there are a lot of things to do in these beaches!