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Summer time is here and what better way to splurge your holiday budget than spend it at some famous beaches around the world. If you’re a jet setter, you could be among the lucky ones to discover secret beaches in the Philippines and experience a life changing holiday in the making.

With over 7,000 islands, the country has so much to offer visiting international and local tourists in terms of holiday beaches. With that said, there certainly are many more exhilarating destinations still waiting to be discovered. Find one through a trusted resource like us and be the first to experience its great beauty, serenity and grandeur.

Philippine Destinations

Philippine Beach Holidays

There are Philippine destinations long been recognized worldwide for their high standard amenities and facilities. You can find many of them situated in the Visayan region, in Luzon and in Mindanao.

Beach holidays like Boracay Island in Visayas, Samal Island in Mindanao, and Puerto Galera in Luzon are known as among the biggest destinations visited by countless tourists every year.

If you’re a lover of secluded beaches with powdery white sands boasting of sapphire and emerald waters, these undiscovered holiday beaches will definitely fascinate you to no end. Check out the following:

  • Casapsapan Beach, Aurora

This white sand virgin beach is a pride of Casiguran town, a good 4 to 5 hours travel from Baler in Aurora. Be the judge of its pristine beauty, said to give Boracay a run for its money. Adventure seekers will love to journey to this wonderful nature paradise which entails going through a steep trail and crossing a river on a tricycle.

Once you reach the place, all your efforts will be worth it. Just seeing the azure waters with the finest sands will make you experience heaven. Savor its pure innocence before astute business people come and develop the place into a full blown bustling tourist spot.

  • Malamawi Beach, Isabela City, Basilan

Whoever hasn’t heard of Basilan island down south of the Philippines? Some years back, the province was known as an arena for armed hostilities. Today, holiday makers are welcome to witness beautiful natural attractions like its beach paradise, the Malamawi Beach.

Experience a unique adventure in this haven which is just an hour’s travel from Isabela City, the capital of Basilan. Still an untouched beauty, you’ll find no modern amenities – no best swimming pools or king size bed in posh resorts. It only has pure white sands and more crystal clear waters teeming with marine life. Just make sure to enlist the help of an expert local guide for an assured security.

  • Calaguas Island, Vinzons, Camarines Norte

Setting your foot for the first time in Calaguas Island will make you think you’re seeing a straight-out-of-the-magazine landscape. Yes, it’s that truly breathtaking. Imagine fine white sands and crystal clear waters sans modernity and you get what you might call one of the best beach holidays you’ve ever been to in the Philippines. Indeed, it is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Unfortunately, not too many tourists and media people have gone there, so expect to have an entire beach all to yourself, even for only a day. It is frequented by excited campers and backpackers who are more than happy to have the stars as a roof above their heads.

Hidden paradise are not easy to reach. As the saying goes, “Sometimes the best things in life don’t come easy,” discovering a beach holiday will be worth all the efforts and discomforts. Bring the entire family not only for great sightseeing but also for pure fun and utter enjoyment at some of the undiscovered family beach vacation destinations around the Philippines.

Nowadays, gas and other stuff are increasing in price. Many people are having a hard time to decide whether to proceed on their vacation. Taking a vacation needs planning especially with regards to budget. But since commodities today are quite expensive, people tend to disregard a beach trip. The great factor about a beach vacation is the possibility of lowering your expenses.

Best Beach Destination

Philippines Beach Holidays

When you want to pursue a beach trip, there are a lot of things to do and consider. You need to book for a flight, find a nice place to stay and others. In reality, you need to have money if ever you go out of your place. It’s not just for your basic needs but also for emergency purposes.

You need to have a good research to equate the cost of the trip. Being knowledgeable about the place is essential especially if it is the first time you’ll visit the area. Also, do research even if it is one of the famous beaches in your town. Basically, you need to familiarize the climate, the people, culture, law and any important facts.

Knowing the Place – How to Know if it’s the Best Beach Destination?

Typically, a nice location is the one that is crowded with many people. However, there are some places that are unspoiled and are great places to have a complete and fun-filled beach vacation. In the Philippines, there are so many white-sand beaches.

Beach activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and wake-boarding are truly amazing that it makes a lot of locals confused on what destinations to visit. To help you out, the finest waters to visit are those with complete facilities and good security. But if you’re on a tight budget for your beach holiday, you can choose some resorts that offer affordable prices but still with guarantees safety during your stay.

Enjoying Your Best Beach Holidays

  • Know the Transportation Cost – During a trip, it is necessary to include transportation on the budget. You cannot avoid transportation expenses but one way to escape on spending too much is to have knowledge about the transportation cost. Now, if your destination can be toured by foot, then take advantage of it. However if you have too many loads, you can hire someone who can help carry your luggage.
  • Search for Hotel Price List – Since you already planned for the vacation, you need to have a place to secure your belongings. And whether you like it or not, you need to get a hotel which is both affordable and with good services. Even if you will only stay there for a day, you still need to consider some factors. To save, look for some discount deals on the Internet or just book ahead of time.
  • Food – As usual, you need to eat and one way to save money is to bring your own food. However, you can find some cheap restaurants that will fit your budget.

Actually, there are so many holiday packages offered by many beach resorts most especially during off season. You just need to invest extra effort in finding these places. If you’re determined to enjoy your vacation, then there’s no way you can’t achieve your goals.

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