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Kick Back and Relax on Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island Camiguin

Mantigue Island is approximately 4 hectares of evergreen forest surrounded with white sandy beaches. The white powdery beach glows from afar, creating a brilliant sight as you approach Mantigue. Sometimes called Magsaysay, it has since made an impact the lives of locals and foreigners alike as the next best thing in the Philippine Beach Holidays.

This camiguin island is located off the coast of volcanic island province of Camiguin. In the north side of the island is a fishing village while the other side is a white sand beach with coral offshore. The opposite side provides a drop-off for snorkelling and diving.

The island is simply stunning. It has a gleaming white powdery sand beach where the clear waters make the corals and seaweeds visible. Swimming, snorkelling and diving is certainly an ideal activity to do while here.

In the center of Mantigue is a thick, green mini-forest full of wild grasses, trees and plants. This friendly forest is often visited by tourists.

If lucky, tourists can have the chance to see one of the marine-turtle nests or even witness the newly hatched youngsters speeding off to the sea.

Although an inhabited island, tourists still say that they never felt crowded or bothered by the informal settlers. In fact, these families maintain the peace and serenity of the island.

They can also cook for the tourists and lend some swimming and snorkeling gears for a minimum price.

Indeed, Mantigue Island which is one of the iconic island of camiguin can give tourists a remedy for their physical and mental health. If you are tired of crowded beaches, then you need to discover the unique scenery of Mantigue island.

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Kick Back and Relax on Mantigue Island
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Kick Back and Relax on Mantigue Island
Want to see underwater sights that take your breath away? Mantigue Island is a top snorkelling and diving spot, sure to be a hit on your next beach holiday.