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Tropical Luxury Guaranteed at Abaca Boutique Resort

Abaca Boutique Resort in Philippines

Experience tranquility in central Philippines on Mactan Island. A luscious tropical destination that offers both luxury and serenity come together to provide a total relaxation for every guests.

Filled with extraordinary suites, villas and restaurants, satisfaction is highly guaranteed.

Abaca accommodates limited guests to let them experience pleasurable calmness on their own getaway. It is composed of six deluxe suites and three expansive villas with a beautiful ethnic stroke intended to mirror the exquisiteness of the surroundings.

Be naturally captivated with its Asian inspired Architecture, landscaping and décor. Let the abundant tropical flora, the alluring exotic colours and the comforting fragrance help put your mind and body in a state of relaxation.

Have dinner or breakfast while facing the scenic ocean views right there in your own private terrace or garden.  To be more enthralled with the place, each detail of the interior design intentionally mimics the hue of tree trunks, seashells and flower blossoms.

The award winning California-Mediterranean inspired restaurant and bar will surely satisfy your gastronomic appetite for both lunch and dinner. From appetizers, salads, pasta and risotto and plenty more that features the cuisine of Australian, Chef Wade Watson.

Imagine dreaming in the middle of a tropical hideaway and soothingly feeling the spa services with its fragrant smells, while hearing the chirping of the birds. This experience truly soothes your mind.

Abaca boutique spa is exclusively for guests. You can have the spa services within your private room or terrace, whichever suits you best.

Stay in our Master Oceanfront Suite, Poolside Oceanfront Suite and Penthouse Oceanfront and experience the elegant and classic taste of relaxation.

Make Abaca resort Cebu your travel getaway that unleashes your inner desire for pleasure and tranquility. Have it here in the idyllic island of Cebu and be awe stricken of its beauty. Experience them in Philippine Beach Holidays Destinations.

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Tropical Luxury Guaranteed at Abaca Boutique Resort
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Tropical Luxury Guaranteed at Abaca Boutique Resort
Treat yourself to mouth-watering cuisine and an awesome ocean view. Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant is the place to go if you're looking for rejuvenation.