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Aside from being renowned for a historical siege, Baler, the capital town of Aurora Province, is noted for its fine scenic beaches and of course – its killer waves. With that, it has been considered as one of the top surfing spots of the country.

Its main attraction is the strong waves that reach up to a height of between 9 to 14 feet. It comes as no surprise that hundreds of surf lovers and beach aficionados alike flock to this most sought-after tourist destination, one of the most popular Philippines beach holidays.

What To Expect in Baler

Aurora Province is wondrously teeming with exceptional bay formations. There’s the Dibut Bay in San Luis which is just a boat ride away. Enjoy the view of the cliffs, surrounding beaches and rock formations when in the area.

Amazingly, Baler has 328 kilometers of pure coast. Resorts become crowded with beach goers and surfers from anywhere around the world during the surfing season between the months of September to March.

•    Surfing

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For the newbie surfers, Sabang Beach is the perfect place to be. Surf shops and schools abound in the place which look after the needs of both neophytes and seasoned surfers as well. Further, sunbathers will love its wide expanse of gray sand.

Another spot for the brave of heart is the Dapa or Cobra Reef known for its towering waves – so ideal for the adrenaline junkie. During the off-season, beach lovers will still enjoy wind surfing, and that’s between March and June.

•    Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Windsurfing

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Apart from riding the giant waves, you also experience lots of sand, sun and sea. There’s Casiguran Sound, with its shimmering waters and white beaches ideal for leisure swimming, windsurfing, snorkeling as well as diving.

Snorkeling is best in Digisit Beach, Lukso-lukso islets, and Dicasalarin Bay as all these spots have terrific snorkel enclaves. Diving, also among the favorite activities in Baler is better done in Borlongan Beach which has a mushroom shaped coral.

•    Sightseeing

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Water sports and activities are not the only popular things to do in Baler. You can also enjoy the breathtaking sights, white sand beach, gentle waves, and sprawling hills as you explore Dicasalarin Cove.

How To Get To Baler

The place is estimated to be 230 km from Manila. When in Cubao, take any bus or van bound for Cabanatuan City. Once there, you have two options – the Baler-Bongabong road and the Canili-Pantabangan road.  The latter is recommended for better roads although it’s the longer route. The former is quite adventurous since you’ll be crisscrossing the rough roads across Sierra Madre.

Sadly, no commercial airlines fly to Baler, but, it has an airport for private planes in Brgy. San Isidro, San Luis, Aurora. It’s about 10 kilometers from the town proper. Travelers may also avail of chartered flights from Seair.

Delicacies in Baler

Aling Rose’s purple suman, a local delicacy can be bought as a pasalubong for those you left back home. Likewise, homemade products like peanut butter (made from pure, quality peanuts) from Nanay Pacing’s is also good to go as presents.

The Philippine tourist attractions of Baler are just a few of the best spots to go for the holidays. Interested in more Philippine destinations? Find them all here in our pages.