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Where is the best place to spend your summer vacation? When drenched in sweat from the summer heat, one would easily think of an idyllic holiday destination like the best city beaches.

Yes, the beach is perhaps the most popular destination most families go to, especially when there’s a long holiday. The Philippines, with over 7,000 islands has countless holiday beaches where beach bums, divers, adventure seekers and holiday makers will surely have fun.

Best Place in PhilippinesA lot of parents enroll their children in swimming classes for kids mostly during the summer holidays. They excitedly look for resorts that offer such activities. Aside from bonding with their kids, this is also their chance to get away from the humdrum of everyday living.

Indeed, it’s really more fun to frolic on the beaches when in the Philippines. The country has top destinations anywhere you go, be it in Visayas, Mindanao or Luzon. So, where exactly in the country can you find the best beach holidays?

  • Davao, Mindanao

Blessed with a good weather all year round, Davao is also blessed with long stretches of white sandy beaches found on the Island of Samal. Likewise, there is a wide variety of the best accommodations to choose from

Whether you’re traveling on a budget or lucky enough to have a few extra bucks, you’ll never be left wanting of fun, adventure and enjoyment since the resorts provide all types of facilities and amenities. Here, you can let your children enjoy those swimming games for kids as long as they want to.

Families and travelers going solo or in groups can explore the equally popular destinations in Mati, Davao Oriental aside from those located in Samal Island.

  • Cebu, Visayas

Known for its numerous historical sites and amazingly beautiful beaches from the northern down to the southern tip, Cebu is every inch a beach lover’s paradise. The island has tremendously grown into an important tourist destination in the Philippines.

With many international flights and a modern airport, international visitors can easily go in and out of the region. The place boasts of world class beach resorts with outstanding amenities and great cuisine.

But beach goers on tight budget need not worry because you can still find the best discount deals online. Search from a trusted website like ours. Surprisingly, you’ll still find beach holidays that offer the cheapest rates in terms of accommodation, food, and water sports and adventure facilities.

Find holiday packages from the various beach resorts in Mactan Island or at Cebu Mainland. You’ll be glad to be in such island either for business or a perfect holiday, or both.

  • Palawan, Luzon

Truly a nature’s paradise, Palawan is considered to be the last ecological frontier of the Philippines. The region is famous for its crystal clear lagoons, white sand beaches, limestone cliff islands and virgin forests. Numerous islands and other iconic attractions nearby can easily be accessed from Puerto Princesa City.

Although some resorts are a bit pricey, with the help of the Web, you can certainly find the beach holiday that suits your budget and preference. Palawan has numerous choices of resorts ranging from the basic to the most luxurious accommodation.

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Witness the beauty of the 7 wonders of Philippine Holiday Beaches
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Witness the beauty of the 7 wonders of Philippine Holiday Beaches
Never miss to explore the unspoiled picturesque wonders at such group of islands like Coron, Taytay and El Nido. It is said that when in these places, you not only get the whole beaches to yourself but you get whole islands as well.