Apart from being just a way-point in the country’s main transport corridor, the province of Southern Leyte is a truly great place to relax, meditate, or embark on your next adrenaline-boosting adventure. Around 200,000 local and foreign tourists visit the province each year,  with many heading for the popular dive spots in Sogod Bay, Limasawa Island and other nice destinations. Here’s a quick tour of Southern Leyte’s best and brightest beach destinations, such as:

Limasawa Island

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Located six kilometers off the coast of the province’s southern tip, Limasawa Island is not like any typical island in the archipelago. It’s because this is where the first-ever Christian mass was held in the country (in 1521), and the mass was participated by no less than the famed Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The island is where the best Philippine beach holidays are.

Find lots of wonderful natural attractions, from white sand beaches to caves, dive and snorkeling spots, museums and more. The dive spots are a sight to behold, as both seasoned and novice divers will love making their way through eye-popping walls and drop-offs. Likewise, see lots of lovely corals, giant oysters, clams and tropical fish breeds.

Padre Burgos

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Laid back, relaxed and filled with friendly locals, the town of Padre Burgos is also famous for its great dive spots and pristine white sand beaches. One of the top tourist draws here is Tangkaan Beach, with its calm waters, interesting natural rock formations, and the annual Tangka-Tangka Festival. During the event, thousands join activities like the beach regatta, marathon, beach volleyball and the colorful beach jam party.

Visitors would also love going to Likay-Likay Beach, where you can go fishing and snorkeling, as well as get a glimpse of Limasawa Island from a distance. Tourists will further be eager to feast on “budbod”, or “suman”, a popular dessert made from sweet, sticky rice.


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The town of Liloan is the first stop in Panaon Island. It’s more than just a transit point for motorists before they board the Ro-Ro ferries in the port, and head on to Surigao City or Allen, Northern Samar.

Quite surprisingly, from November to July, the waters within the town are visited by large, gentle whale sharks. Visitors will enjoy watching them or swimming alongside them at the Tagbak Marine Park.

Further, the town is proudly home to the biggest reef area in the province – blessed with lots of breathtaking coral formations and lots of aquatic life. Tourists can go drift diving in the channel underneath the Wa-Wa Bridge, although it’s only recommended for expert drivers, because of the strong currents in this area.

Yet if you don’t feel like swimming or diving in Liloan, you could just take a leisurely stroll along the stretch of white sand beaches near the lighthouse, and watch the sun set in the late afternoon. As darkness falls, check out the sparkling hordes of fireflies illuminating the area. Or, light a bonfire as well as have a barbecue cook-out. Don’t ever forget to check out Liloan, and the rest of Southern Leyte, and enjoy the best beach holidays Philippines!