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If there’s one unique and extremely fantastic attraction you shouldn’t miss seeing, that would be the Banana Beach Resort. Why the name? Of course, it’s nestled inside a sprawling 760-hectare banana plantation in Brgy. Madaum, just a 15-minute drive from Tagum City, Davao del Norte! Also, it’s merely an hour away from the City of Davao.

Touted to be the world’s only beach resort found within a banana plantation, this must-visit place is undoubtedly one of the best beach holidays Philippines. An upscale resort boasting of A-one facilities, the place offers great food and renders world class service. Away from the maddening noise of the metropolis, the Banana Beach is your perfect hideaway.

What To Expect

  • Water Adventure And Other Activities

You may be wondering where the beach could be since it’s a plantation. Well, it has a  coastline beach spanning 4.5 kilometers of a flat and even seabed, hence, water activities are safe even for children! No worries since lifeguards are strategically positioned in the beach areas for close guarding.

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Kids will surely love building sand castles, frolic in the fine gray sands or play to their heart’s delight in the children’s playground. Small wonder it’s hailed as the most child friendly resort in the said City.

Adventure aficionados will certainly enthrall in such pulse pounding water activities as banana boat riding, kayaking, skimboarding, water trampoline, paddle boarding, or take a dip in the famed infinity pool, overlooking the serene beachfront. Exciting land activities include beach volleyball, Frisbee throwing, and more.

  • Twilight Safari

And still you thought this is just a luxurious beach resort? Nope, you’re wrong – not far from the beach lies a sprawling 60-hectare lush forest where a guided tour called Twilight Safari  can be enjoyed by interested guests.

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Among the lushness of huge trees and  bamboos, giant Anahaw trees, and some species of rattan, live the  monkeys, wild boars, snakes, monitor lizards, heron, egrets and some bird species roaming freely. A touring cab provided by the resort will take guests to the forest starting from 5:30 in the morning up until 9:00 in the evening.

  • The Spot

The most popular place inside the resort is where visitors can do fishing for bangus, kitang, lapu-lapu, talakitok and pompano. They can opt to find their own “spot” for fishing, hence the name, and further, they can savour their day’s fresh catch at the pavilion overlooking the iconic view of the pond, mangroves, and the Madaum River.

Likewise, there’s a trail for biking and horseback riding, plus, this spot is ideal for corporate and social events such as weddings, family reunions, debuts, and birthday parties as well.

How To Get There

There are daily flights to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. From Davao, take the bus, jeepney or van bound for Tagum, When in the place, ride the multicab jeep to Madaum. Those with private cars can take the Panacan route to Tagum, turn right for the road heading towards the Hijo Plantation in Madaum before you reach the city proper.

For day tours, the resort charges P750 per head fully consumable, where kids 10 years old and below are charged free. Browse these pages for more exciting details. When done with your Tagum escapade, you may now proceed to explore the exciting attractions of nearby Davao City. Just don’t miss to sample the best food in Davao by visiting the many reasonably prized restaurants.

Admit it or not, the Philippines has many of the world’s best beaches and coastlines. Imagine having 7,000+ islands – there will be a beach holiday or two that will surely mesmerize you. Travel enthusiasts will definitely not run out of choices for the best destinations, whether it be a beach resort, an island resort, waterfall, lake, hot as well as cold spring, and a lot more.

On top of those, the country also owns idyllic sandbars that beckon sun seekers and nature lovers as well. And where can you find these amazing natural treasures? Where else but, among the best beach holidays Philippines particularly in Davao!

What Is A Sandbar?

Best Beach Holidays Philippines

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Have you ever experienced wading in the seawaters and when it’s time for low tide, you suddenly find yourself standing on a strip of sand in the middle of the sea? Well, don’t panic for you are actually on a sandbar!

You see, this wonderful piece of creation is described as “a long mass or low ridge of submerged or partially exposed sand created in the water along a shore due to the forces of waves or water currents.”

Not all beaches though are lucky to possess the same beauty. Yet, here in Davao, you can have an unforgettable experience with such wonder.

The Vanishing Island of Samal

Best Beach Holidays Philippines

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The place is so called because this piece of land actually disappears during the high tide. If you want to catch a glimpse of this shimmering jewel, do it once the waters recede. And when the island emerges, you’ll be a first-hand witness to its most alluring beauty. The place is actually one of the most scenic in Davao.

One of the main attractions of Samal, the Vanishing Island is just a tiny strip of white sand island sitting in the midst of the sea, giving a breathtaking view of the bustling city of Davao. It’s different from most sandbars you see because those in other regions are just prettily nestled below jungle-clad mountains.

Having silky sand that’s as white as snow, the area is now dotted with mangroves and constantly lapped by clear azure waters. Nearby establishments have initiated some development, with mangrove trees having been planted for marine life to thrive. The sea bed now looks grassy and sandy underneath the trees.

Things To Do

As in other beach resorts, holiday makers will enjoy various activities in the island besides leisure swimming. Kids will surely love it there snorkeling and beach combing; likewise great for diving and other types of underwater adventures. Good thing, the venue is safe for children even during the high tide because a cottage has been built right in the mid-part where it cannot be reached by the tides as it has been a bit elevated.

How To Get There

Just a few minutes away from Tambo, Babak in Samal, the island can be reached by chartering a boat from Pearl Farm or Waterfront Hotel wharf. Upon reaching Samal, take a habal-habal to the area where another boat is waiting to bring you to Vanishing Island.

If you are looking to experience unique nature, this is the place to be. But, after relishing your paradise, take care of your gastronomic needs, too. Head straight to a food trip in Davao City.